Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! Unless you happened upon this site by some cosmic accident, you're probably looking for some hope and guidance in the midst of a chronic condition or mental illness. If so, you're in the right place. This is precisely the focus of my site. Everything here is written to help those in the mental illness and chronic condition communities redefine normal and rediscover hope.

Let's talk about these two things for just a moment.

What does it mean to redefine normal? It means that nobody but you gets to tell you what's normal and what's abnormal. You are the arbiter of your own life, and you get to decide that. For you, maybe a normal day is not getting out of bed until noon because of chronic pain, and having to very carefully calculate where you spend your limited energy. If so, I honor your normal here. More power to you!

How about rediscovering hope? So many of us struggle to feel like there's any objective reason for hope in our lives, because to be honest our lives stink a lot of the time. It's full of difficulty and complexity, hard conversations and unmet expectations. But we can find the keys to having hope despite all these setbacks. I spend a lot of time talking the nuts and bolts of hope, so it's more than pie-in-the-sky. It's real and tangible and touchable and feelable and meaningful.