Chris Morris writes about how to balance faith and difficult times. He has mental illnesses and chronic illnesses, but is learning to thrive anyway. 

He's never been good friends with normal, but he's well-acquainted with disappointment and pain.

He's learning how to hold tight to the great and good God who never abandons us, even when it seems He is silent.

As a child, Chris knew what it was to live in fear (you can read more about that here). He won an award in school for writing a mostly autobiographical story called Reign of Terror. One of the judges asked if he was seeing a counselor.

He also knows the confusion and pain of a life interrupted by illnesses. His daughter is autistic and epileptic, and Chris has a host of mental and chronic illnesses himself. The "most exciting" illness is drop attacks, where his body just goes limp without warning.

But, Chris also knows how to fight and win the battles he faces. He's found a tribe of people who are with him, no matter what. They lend him strength when he needs it, and he does the same for them. Together, they are conquering fear and leaning hard into faith.