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What is “normal” anyway?

There are so many myths, misunderstandings, and misgivings surrounding those who deal with chronic illness, physical limitations, and even “invisible” challenges.

In my experience, the best way to disrupt misunderstandings and bring hope is… transparency and honesty.

Using a combination of surprising anecdotes, practical wisdom, humor, and straight talk, I’m able to break down the barriers between the “normal” people and those in the chronic illness communities.

I open dialogues everyone wants to have, but nobody knows how to begin.

Here’s a sampling of topics, which can be tailored to your event:

  • More than Wheelchair Ramps: Developing an Illness-Friendly Organization
  • You > Your Illness
  • A Theology of Pain: Understanding the Role of God in Long-Term Illnesses
  • Resilience: Coping Skills I Learned from the Chronically Ill

Contact me to discuss your event.

Redefine Normal // Rediscover Hope

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