Is This For Me?

This is the place for those who deal with chronic and mental illnesses, and aren’t satisfied with just getting by.  But you might be thinking,

I don’t have a chronic illness or mental illness, so why should I keep reading?

There are two reasons this site can still be vital for you.

You know someone who has a chronic condition or mental illness

You might not know it, but trust me, you do. Probably more than one person.

Statistics show that over 150 million people in the US alone have a chronic or mental illness of some sort, and this number does not include the many individuals suffering with an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed illness.

Through my Day in the Life series, you will be able to walk in the shoes of those suffering from chronic illnesses. You will meet the mom of a child with Rett Syndrome, who has to watch her eight-year-old daughter struggle to fit in when she cannot talk or walk.

You will hear how a single man with epilepsy was literally saved from death by strangers when his seizure threw him in front of a train. You will learn how so many hide their pain, because they are ashamed of it, or because they are afraid of how others will respond.

You probably don’t know how to support the chronically or mentally ill

I am going to assume you want to know how to love and care for those with chronic or mental illnesses in your life. When your aunt is in the midst of depression, you want to know how to be a source of encouragement for her, instead of unknowingly adding to the pain.

This community is filled with knowledge, but it’s more than that. We give you practical steps to take and challenge you to think differently.

Knowing how to support the chronically ill is even more important if you are a leader in a church, community organization, or company. This space will speak to how to develop a culture that allows for transparency instead of infallibility and uniformity.

We’re redefining normal and rediscovering hope

In this community, you will learn how to encourage your friends and family members who are ill. You will have resources for hundreds of ideas on how to serve them. You will have the tools to help those you care for. You will learn to grant dignity to those in your life with chronic illness.

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