What I Believe

I BELIEVE I don’t know it all. Feel free to remind me of this fact.

I BELIEVE every person should be treated with dignity, whether or not I agree with him or her. Each person is uniquely created in the image of God, and this extends beyond anyone aligning with my political views, theology, or favorite pizza.

I BELIEVE the God of the Bible is good, every day, all the time, no matter what. I embrace the tension of a loving God who cares deeply for me, even while I live in the midst of a clearly busted world.

I BELIEVE God heals, but our world is broken. This means some are healed instantly (sometimes), some find healing through surgery (sometimes), medication controls our medical conditions (sometimes), and sometimes the pain stays through the end our lives. I also know in the deepest part of my soul that we will have no pain in heaven.

I BELIEVE no single condition can describe or define any person. My daughter is autistic and epileptic, but she is also SO MUCH MORE. Anyone who cannot see that, does not see my daughter. And so it is with all of us.

I BELIEVE the church should be on the forefront of establishing inventive, practical, and powerful ways to include the chronically ill in all aspects of a community. Much more than wheelchair ramps, the church is where the fibromyalgia sufferer can find a place, the epileptic can lead a small group, the MS sufferer is loved unconditionally.

YOU might BELIEVE differently than me. You’re welcome here. In fact, we need you to add to the discussion!