A Day in the Life of a British Epileptic

While epilepsy has many causes and can appear in a variety of ways across different individuals, here are some details about James’ history:

  • James was diagnosed with epilepsy at 9 years old and he was told he would be epileptic for the rest of his life. Since then, his seizures have ranged from once a month to no seizures for 4 years.
  • Aspartame increased James’ seizures dramatically. You can find out more about aspartame here, here, and here, and a list of drinks with aspartame is here.

Epilepsy does not dominate my life, but it is a part of my life and I cannot escape it.

James Prescott

Some of James’ more remarkable seizure incidents are highlighted in this video:

  • James fell off a platform and onto a railway track when he had a seizure. Only the kindness of strangers saved his life.
  • James nearly walked around the streets on London with a bloody face “looking like a homeless guy”.
  • He had a seizure while on the toilet and they had to knock the door down.

Other important things James talks about:

  • He has never driven anything other than a go-cart, but he loves THAT.
  • “The health of my soul is tied to my epilepsy.”

After a seizure, you’re knackered because it’s like running a marathon in two minutes’ time.

  • The guilt you feel when people pray for you and you don’t get healed…as if you’ve done something wrong somehow.
  • “I don’t have seizures because something is wrong, I just have seizures because my brain is wired that way.”
  • James has a very unique book about grace coming out soon, and he talks some about it in an essay he wrote for Sarah Bessey.

Hope you enjoy this interview:

Please ask any questions or voice any concerns about epilepsy or James’ story. Would love to see some dialogue here about this illness, which is very dear to my heart.

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