The Wall Around Your Heart


I don’t often participate in book launches. So often, the book ends up going in a completely different direction than I am as a writer, so it becomes difficult for me to support on my blog. No matter how wonderful the book is. No matter how gifted the writer.

I am so thrilled to have come across a book that exactly matches where my heart is as a writer in Mary DeMuth’s latest book The Wall Around Your Heart.

This book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian Store and probably any other bookstore you can find too.

Simply put, this book is amazing. Mary walks through something we all deal with.



One. Of. Us.

What are we supposed to do when someone hurts us? Especially when it’s deep pain, the kind a simple “I am sorry” won’t cover? How do we forgive others?

Mary points us to The Lord’s Prayer to find our path. She gently walks us through our pain, into the words of our Savior Jesus, and right into freedom. We have to learn to live with open hearts, and this book shows us how.

Watch how Mary describes the genesis of this book below.

There are books that are good, and books that can  change lives. This is the type that changes lives.

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