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When Two Strangers Took Stuff From My House

Last Saturday, I had two complete strangers roll into my house and take most of my furniture. When they were done, I thanked them.

And gave them donuts.

These two strangers attend the same church as my family, and they came to help us move. Even though I had not met them, they came to help us move. In the month of August. In Phoenix.

Why would people do such a thing? The donuts were not that good. Our pastor asked them to, and that was enough.

I was talking with our pastor a week ago, and mentioned to him we were moving, but most of our friends were out of town.

Chris, that’s not right. Nobody should ever move alone. I will do what I can to find at least four men to help you.

Then he went and did it. He found four men to help us move. These crazy men showed up and moved my 1600 square foot home from one place to another in 180 minutes flat.

What studs! I’m not saying this just because this meant I didn’t spend all day slogging through the heat with my step-dad and my 12-year-old.

These men understood a truth it is too easy to forget:

We are never meant to be alone. We are built to live life in community.

When they saw a family about to live some part of their life alone, they stepped up. They sweated their butts off for three hours, all to remind me and my family we are never alone.

Solitary Lives

When times get rough, it is human nature to internalize everything. We decide we don’t want to bother people with our problems, so we just don’t.

We are ashamed we cannot do it alone, so we keep it all inside and let our soul sickness fester. We slink away and suffer alone, with problems that are far greater than a move from one side of Phoenix to another.

We were never created by God to lead solitary lives. We are made to be interdependent upon others whom we can trust.

Are your circumstances beyond your strength? Is your illness overwhelming you? Is your marriage weak?

Don’t go it alone – reach out for help.

You may find that strangers come and fill your life with blessing, like they did mine.

Where in your life should you stop going it alone and ask for help?