The Myth of Procrastination


Photo by Looking Glass (Creative Commons)

Photo by Looking Glass (Creative Commons)

I have been stalled on my book for a while now. I have all the chapters outlined. I actually have the whole thing mapped out in my head. But I have only drafted three chapters. I didn’t know why until this morning.

I thought I was just procrastinating. Enjoying the summer and relaxing. But today, I recognize procrastination is a myth. A mask fear has put on when whispering to me:

I am not procrastinating. I am afraid.

Afraid that if I fail, it means I am not really a writer. Afraid that if my book isn’t immediately seen as a radically necessary read for all humanity, I will be labeled not good enough. Afraid that I the best I can be is a CPA consultant for wealthy companies. I don’t want to be destined for a normal life.

So I stall. I find hundreds of little reasons to not write my book: kids, work, sleep, TV, exercise, time with my wife…anything at all. Even writing a blog post about not writing my book. Anything to keep me from finalizing my book.

Upon recognizing the true face of my procrastination, I spent some time recounting my various fears in prayer to God. His answer is giving me the courage to step up and step into completing my book.

Your greatest fear is that you won’t matter, and that your life will never be more than your day job. This fear is bound in small-minded thinking, and is a lie. You were made in My image, made to be creative. This is true whether one million people buy your book, or only your mom. Share your story. You have gone through your pain to share it with others. So share.

The truth is simple: I will never be more than a CPA consultant if I never finish my book. If I listen to the voice of procrastination and allow fear to rule me, nobody will ever know what else I have to offer. So, I will begin again. I am going to stop procrastinating. I will get down to the business of moving the outline from my laptop.

Now it’s your turn: Is fear masquerading as procrastination in your life?




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