Why is God silent in the midst of my illness?

Perfectly Abnormal was written to answer this question, along with many others that continue to swirl about in the minds of those with chronic illness or special needs. 

This book tears down the erroneous and misinformed beliefs surrounding chronic illness. With a combination of biblical teaching, stories from many in the chronic illness community, and practical application, Perfectly Abnormal paves the way to a fulfilled life, regardless of any chronic illness or special needs.

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Here some of the questions perfectly abnormal answers:

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    W​​​​hen you love someone with a chronic illness, how can you support them in meaningful ways?
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    How can you reconcile your faith in a healing god with the unchanging nature of your health conditions?
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    What can you do as a pastor to love, accept, and include those in the special needs community without causing a sense of alienation?
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    Where is the balance between independence and legitimately needing the support of others to function well in life?
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    How can we thrive when we have a chronic illness?

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Mary DeMuth

Author of Jesus Every Day: Prayers to Awaken Your Soul


Perfectly Abnormal is one of those books that should be required reading for churches longing to provide a welcoming environment for all their members.

And it should be required reading for any human who wants to love, empathize, and walk in the shoes of another.

I so appreciated Chris Morris’ wise theology of suffering and his keen insight into those who don’t fit the straightjacket of what society calls “normal.” An excellent book, well written. 

Marty Kaiser

Senior Pastor, Reveal - A Jesus Centered Community


I highly recommend this book to any person or family trying to deal with a chronic illness.  In its pages you will find practical help to move forward, and hope to experience a life worth living.

Over the past few years I have witnessed the pain and sorrow experienced by Chris and his family.  Chris struggles not only the affects of his own physical illness, but the emotional pain of watching his children wrestle with their own sickness.  

Add to that the silent frustration and distress caused by well meaning individuals, friends and doctors, who question the reality of his sickness.

Through all of this, I have seen his family dust themselves off, pull together, cling to hope, and refuse to give up.  

Christa Sterken

Writer, Photographer, Visual Journalist


I was encouraged.

I was moved.

When it was finished, I was empowered.

about the author

Chris Morris writes about how to redefine normal and rediscover hope in the face of chronic illnesses and special needs. His writing is focused on the belief that circumstances don't prevent thriving, but instead they create opportunities for God to demonstrate His goodness.

Chris believes that God is good, every single day, no matter what -- even what every scrap of evidence points to His absence or disinterest. It's from this place of defiant faith that he speaks to the heart of the issues those in the chronic illness and special needs communities experience on a daily basis.