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I am currently offering two chapters from my book You Are Enough: Myths About Chronic Illness. (Subscribe and join us!)

In this book, I speak to how difficult it is for anyone suffering from a long-term health condition to feel as though we are good enough, strong enough, consistent enough…just enough.

I identify eight myths we must battle and provide the specific antidote to each myth. I also offer thoughts on the role of identity and community for stepping into a full and authentic life, despite an illness.

I also have chapters featured in two books:

Couch Rebelscouch is a collection of essays focused on changing the world by taking risks.

Many authors contributed to this collection, and I am honored to be among them.

In my essay, I speak of a mission trip to Guadalajara and how the poverty I experienced changed me forever.





dadFather Factor: American Christian Men on Fatherhood and Faith is a powerful collection of articles from forty fathers who share their struggles to reconcile their faith with raising their children.

I discuss how the neat and clean Christianity so many Americans long for does not fit my family, because of my daughter’s epilepsy and autism.




You can find my essays on various other websites. Here are a few of my favorites:

I talk about the day I saved my daughter’s life on the Epilepsy Today web magazine.

I discuss how ONE WORD can change our lives with Chris LoCurto.

I shared how the smells, sights, sounds and joy of poverty changed me on Jeremy Statton’s site.

With Unknown Jim I shared my journey toward confidence in telling my ‘real life’ friends I blog.

On I Love Devotionals, I share how I learned God is always present, even when my wife miscarried.

I told everyone why I am NOT a fan of the New Jersey Elephants on Katie Axelson’s site.

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